Podcast #5 Sarah Zürcher aka Yogaralea

Recorded at Klara in my fav interview corner! Sarah Zürcher Her fav Café in Basel : Klara Her fav coffee there : a Schale or Sencha Green Tea with Milk Sarah, a traveling yoga teacher in her own country, passionate about design and self-love, has been living in Basel for about 6 years. She teaches in different … Continue reading “Podcast #5 Sarah Zürcher aka Yogaralea”

Podcast #4 Bianca Fritz

Thank you Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana for letting us do our thing ! Bianca Fritz Her fav Café in Basel : Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana behind SBB in Gundeli Her fav coffee there : coffee/hot chocolate with chilly Bianca identifies as multi-hyphenate (someone who has several different jobs and projects and needs it !) More in the book : The Multi-Hyphen Method. Indeed … Continue reading “Podcast #4 Bianca Fritz”

Podcast #3 Jelena Joksic

A big thank you to Hejkoh who always has outstanding coffee & food and allowed us to record this Podcast! Jelena Joksic Her fav cafés in Basel: if she ‘has to’ sit down: Rosenkranz and Bocconcino. She usually has her coffee to-go though, so she can enjoy fresh air and sunlight. She likes Ferry Tales to … Continue reading “Podcast #3 Jelena Joksic”

Podcast #2 Idit from Kobrini

Idit Kobrin Her fav café in Basel: Café Von Lanthen – where the podcast has been recorded Her fav coffee: Flat white lactose free Idit’s work is all about story telling using the art of film. She promotes small businesses by making short documentaries, guided by authenticity and creativity. The concept of this podcast is … Continue reading “Podcast #2 Idit from Kobrini”

Podcast #1 Carla from Localholic

Rodrigo and I started a podcast about people we find inspiring (more on how it started and the details in another post!) Carla was our very first guest this month and it’s been so much fun interviewing her and equally fun to go through the whole video again to write this! If you are on … Continue reading “Podcast #1 Carla from Localholic”

Podcast #6 Rebecca Roberts

Thank you Hejkoh once again for letting us record from your cute mezzanine! Rebecca Roberts Her fav cafés in Basel: Frühling, Klara, Mitte  Her fav coffee: Cappuccino or Rooibos / Earl Grey Tea Rebecca used to be an interior architect. ‘By nature I’m a spacemaker. For much of my professional life I worked as an interior architect, … Continue reading “Podcast #6 Rebecca Roberts”

Podcast #7 Charlotte Frederiksen

Thank you l’Atelier for letting us record in your awesome space! Charlotte Frederiksen Her fav cafés in Basel: Café Smilla Basel and l’Atelier for a Tea in the AM, their delish Poke Bowl for Lunch or a Basel Smash Cocktail in the evening! Her fav coffee: actually Mint Tea Charlotte is a professional coach specialized in intuition development. … Continue reading “Podcast #7 Charlotte Frederiksen”

Podcast #8 Maria

Thank you Zum Kuss for the great coffee (Haenowitz&Page) and setting! Maria Spin Instructor in Basel  Her fav cafés in Basel: Consum Her fav coffee: as a coffee lover, she likes her coffee black! 6 years ago, as she first tried spinning, she called it the ‘crazy workout’ & used to be afraid of it (I can … Continue reading “Podcast #8 Maria”

Podcast #9 Evelyne Vuilleumier

Thank you Hejkoh for letting us record from your beautiful mezzanine! Her fav cafés in Basel: Flore & Frühling Her fav coffee: Latte Macchiatos Evelyne is a Psychotherapist and Yoga teacher. Combining practices of the East such as Yoga and Sophrology with her Psychology training and work, she now offers Spiritual Psychotherapy and guides people deeper, beyond … Continue reading “Podcast #9 Evelyne Vuilleumier”

#1 Couple Talks

The Engagement  Recorded, not from one of the best Café in Basel but from the Farm Bubenrod in Biederthal/ Könisgberg where we spent the weekend showering outside and sleeping in a tiny house – glamping for a wedding. The idea of doing a podcast about relationships and especially ours, came right after getting engaged in … Continue reading “#1 Couple Talks”

Podcast #10 Stefanie Blösch

Recorded from her place but we had coffee at Café Tante just before. Stefanie Blösch aka Feel Good Life Her fav café in Basel: Finkmüller Klybeck  Her fav coffee: cappuccino Stefanie is a Yoga Teacher & Ayurveda / Lifestyle Coach. She teaches and gives workshops at Café Tante close to Badische Bahnhof and coaches on-&-off-line. She just … Continue reading “Podcast #10 Stefanie Blösch”

Podcast #11 Lorina Brugger

Recorded at the Rhine as it was one of the first Hot Summer Days in June! No coffee this time! Lorina Brugger aka Kerngesund  Her fav café in the Basel area: Delikaktus in Lörrach (vegan & zero waste) Her fav coffee: vegan cappuccino Lorina studied health promotion and was always interested in living healthy + she really … Continue reading “Podcast #11 Lorina Brugger”

Podcast #12 Ramona & Julia

Thank you Zum Kuss for the great coffee (Haenowitz&Page) and setting as usual! Please be aware that it was a bit windy that day and the quality of the recording is not always at its best, sorry about that! Julia & Ramona aka Solopreneurin  Ramona enjoys an espresso or a cappuccino at Café Ccino (in the … Continue reading “Podcast #12 Ramona & Julia”

Podcast #13 Cyrille Labesse

Thank you Tell your friends cafe for the great service, great food and great view ! Cyrille Labesse His fav coffee: decaf almond milk latte or oat milk when homemade like at Tell your friends cafe  His fav café of all times: Elm coffee roasters in Seattle  Before you start listening: be aware of the … Continue reading “Podcast #13 Cyrille Labesse”

Podcast #14 Cyrille on Compromise

Sipping coffee at the beautiful Harbor of Bowen Island, BC at the awesome Tell Your Friends Café  Compromise: an agreement in an argument in which the people involved reduce their demands or change their opinion in order to agree. From the Cambridge Dictionary Cyrille’s definition: it’s what both people do after a negotiation. 2 people want something but the situation doesn’t allow both people’s … Continue reading “Podcast #14 Cyrille on Compromise”

Podcast #15 Alysa Aeschbacher

Recorded at MAME in Zürich Aly comes from Utah, U.S.A., she arrived in Switzerland about 9 years ago when she was only 18! When she first visited the country with her husband she instantly loved it and decided to leave everything behind and follow her heart. She started working as a nanny but to her, … Continue reading “Podcast #15 Alysa Aeschbacher”

Podcast #16 Anika Hausdorff

Recorded at Hyve outside (so you guessed it: just a bit of noise this time but no wind I promise!) Anika Hausdorff aka yaa holistic lifedesign  Her fav Café in Basel : Indigo Elephant in St Johann Her fav coffee : Café con leche   On this podcast we started on a deep topic: mental health, because we … Continue reading “Podcast #16 Anika Hausdorff”

Podcast #17 Vanessa Lépine

Recorded at Klara, a great foodcourt with great coffee, yoga and also COMEDY NIGHTS! Vanessa Lépine Her fav coffee: actually Vanessa is more of a tea or hot chocolate (with real chocolate) kind of person Her fav spot in Zürich: Café 1842 Vanessa lives in Zürich but comes from Montréal. She originally moved for love … Continue reading “Podcast #17 Vanessa Lépine”

Podcast #18 Devon Krantz

Recorded at Hejkoh from the mezzanine overlooking the shop Devon Krantz co-founder at Linum Labs  Her fav Café : Molten Toffee in Cape Town Her fav coffee : Cappuccino Devon moved to Basel in January 2019 for work. She is the co-founder and managing director of Linum Labs, a Blockchain Start-Up. Originally from South Africa, she … Continue reading “Podcast #18 Devon Krantz”

Podcast #19 Patrick Rhein

Patrick comes originally from France and Switzerland. He has traveled the world and found a second home in Canada over 20 years ago. He considers himself citizen of the world though, with about 66 stamps on his passport! He is a life coach, facilitator, keynote speaker and author! His purpose is to help people go … Continue reading “Podcast #19 Patrick Rhein”

Podcast #20 Sarah Lachhab

Recorded at Hejkoh in the living room. Sarah lives in Edinburgh where she is mainly a tour guide. She welcomes French tourists in Edinburgh or in the Highlands. She is also a blogger, podcaster, copywriter and writer. Back in the days, she studied Journalism in Grenoble and is originally from Alsace, France.   Her Scottish … Continue reading “Podcast #20 Sarah Lachhab”

Podcast #21 Jasmin Albash

Recorded at Avant-Gouz  Jasmin Albash  Her fav Café in Basel : Avant-Gouz Her fav coffee : Café Crème (with milk instead of cream) Jasmin is a singer, vocal coach and composer from Altnau, Kanton Thurgau. Her base is BASEL. She has been teaching for 10 years now based on CVT (Complete Vocal Technique) and her Jazz … Continue reading “Podcast #21 Jasmin Albash”

Podcast #23 Sabrina Krämer

Sorry for the baby noises! Recorded at Günter Coffee Roasters in Freiburg-im-Breisgau Sabrina Krämer Her fav Cafés in Freiburg: Sedan Café, Café Hermann and Günters Coffee Roasters Her fav Cafés in Bremen: Yellow Bird Coffee, Julie liebt Kaffee, Café Pour Pour Sabrina comes originally from the Köln area in Germany. She moved to Bremen after her … Continue reading “Podcast #23 Sabrina Krämer”

Podcast #24 Melanie Kovacs

Melanie’s fav café is vicafé in Zürich, we got take away coffee there and headed to beautiful Minerva-Lounge to record. Melanie is the founder of Master21 academy the first coding school in Switzerland! Their mission is to empower people to shape the digital world and to educate people who work with software developers to speak the … Continue reading “Podcast #24 Melanie Kovacs”

Podcast #25 Benjamin Delahaye

2nd podcast live post corona times, still experimenting with the set up. This podcast was recorded in Zürich at Ben’s day job with take away coffee from ViCAFE. Ben is a stand-up comedian. He comes from Paris, traveled a lot and has called Zürich home for a decade now.   How it all started: At … Continue reading “Podcast #25 Benjamin Delahaye”

Podcast #1 New Season Mathilde Le Cam

Welcome back to Elie’s coffee talks new edition! This season is more focused on Self-Development, Health & Spirituality. My first guest is Mathilde Le Cam Sex, Love & Dating Coach. Mathilde is great at what she does and can help you in many areas of your life! Plus she really is a Sunshine! We met … Continue reading “Podcast #1 New Season Mathilde Le Cam”

Podcast #2 New Season Mathilde Le Cam

Another Episode with Mathilde because it was so much fun talking to her! (I have a feeling there will be more as well!) In this one, she shares about: feeling worthy of what you want the Law of Attraction what emotions feel like in our bodies an EFT tapping exercise  an affirmation + breath exercise 

Podcast #3 Mathilde Le Cam en français

Bonjour à toutes et à tous, voici une petite nouveauté de la nouvelle saison, des podcasts en français! Cette semaine avec Mathilde on parle du cycle menstruel et comment éviter le mode dragon avant les règles, gagner en intuition pendant et respecter son cycle en général pour être au meilleur de sa forme! Pour toujours … Continue reading “Podcast #3 Mathilde Le Cam en français”

Podcast #4 Lacey Gurr

Hello everyone ! Today I’m thrilled to announce a podcast with my dear friend Lacey Gurr on which she shares soooo much wisdom – from her healing process(es) to a higher intelligence and much more! (spoiler alert: even more goodness in the next episode!) The book she refers to: The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel … Continue reading “Podcast #4 Lacey Gurr”

Podcast #5 Lacey Gurr

Aaaaaaand drum roll, here it is! The second episode with Lacey Gurr! On this one, we talked about one of my favorite topic at the moment: MANIFESTATION & ABUNDANCE! Here are a few gems from Lacey: We are always manifesting because we are in co-creation.  Fear, doubt & disbelief will repel anything from us! Leave … Continue reading “Podcast #5 Lacey Gurr”

Podcast #6 Stefanie Blösch

Hallo szämme! Heute eine Premiere auf Elie’s Coffee Talks: ein Podcast auf Schweizerdeutsch mit Stefanie Blösch Zyklus Expertin! You guessed it: wir haben vom Zyklus geredet und Stefie hat uns Tips gegeben! Sie sagt: Schmerzen wärend die Perioden ist nicht normal  Es gibt keine Lösung für alle, einfach ausprobieren und anpassen 2 Tips: Schreibt wenn … Continue reading “Podcast #6 Stefanie Blösch”

Podcast #7 Cyrille Labesse

Bonjour à toutes et à tous! Aujourd’hui je me réjouis de partager un Podcast en français avec Cyrille Labesse, Coach en Transformations Radicales et Accompagnant à la Méthode Charbonnier. Nous avions déjà fait 2 podcasts en anglais durant la saison 1 sur le parcours de Cyrille et les Compromis. Sur cet épisode Cyrille nous parle … Continue reading “Podcast #7 Cyrille Labesse”

Podcast #8 Cyrille Labesse

Bonjour à toutes et à tous! Aujourd’hui à nouveau, un Podcast en français avec Cyrille Labesse, Coach en Transformations Radicales et Accompagnant à la Méthode Charbonnier. Sur cet épisode Cyrille nous parle des pièges de la spiritualité. J’ai adoré avoir cette conversation avec lui! Vous pouvez trouver le travail de Cyrille sur son site internet ainsi que … Continue reading “Podcast #8 Cyrille Labesse”

Podcast #9 Mathilde Le Cam

Un podcast très court mais très inspirant, cette semaine avec Mathilde où elle nous fait part de quelque chose de très important: faire ce qu’on aime avant de vouloir sauver le monde! Ce qui crée moins de pression ainsi que moins de procrastination. Quand on fait quelque chose pour Soi d’abord, on ne cherche pas … Continue reading “Podcast #9 Mathilde Le Cam”

Podcast #10 Ben Delahaye

Benjamin est un humoriste et conférencier basé à Zürich. Dans cet épisode Ben nous parle de la confiance en soi et en la vie, de l’appel de la scène et du grand saut qu’il a (re)fait l’année dernière! Un podcast très inspirant (pour moi et) pour ceux qui n’osent pas encore sauter le pas vers … Continue reading “Podcast #10 Ben Delahaye”

Podcast #11 Mathilde Le Cam

Un nouvel épisode avec ma chère Mathilde!!! La question-fil-conducteur dans cet épisode est: Pourquoi ne fait-on pas les choses que nous savons bonnes pour nous ? Selon Mathilde, avant d’entreprendre quelque chose de nouveau, il faudrait d’abord se demander: quel est notre object premier? Et bien sûr elle va plus loin et questionne nos auditeurs et … Continue reading “Podcast #11 Mathilde Le Cam”

Couple Talks #2

Hello everyone! Many of you have asked, it took us 2 years to record a second episode but here it is! Episode 2! Many things have changed for us, we now live together in Basel, Switzerland. Till is focusing on visual arts and not so much stage stuff at the moment. If you want to … Continue reading “Couple Talks #2”

Podcast #12 Cassien & Cyrille Labesse

Hello everyone! On this episode I had the pleasure to interview the Labesse brothers on a topic they both love: Human Design! An astrology based system that helps you to be in your flow state. There are 4 major types: Generators Projectors Manifestors Reflectors Cyrille, who has been on the podcast a few times already, … Continue reading “Podcast #12 Cassien & Cyrille Labesse”

Podcast #13 Sophie Garnier

Bonjour à toutes et à tous! Voici un podcast que nous avons enregistré l’hiver dernier avec Sophie. L’idée première avait été d’en faire un podcast où les auditeurs apprendraient le français sur des thèmes de développement personnel. Et puis on a très vite laissé tomber l’idée d’apprentissage de la langue pour se focaliser uniquement sur … Continue reading “Podcast #13 Sophie Garnier”

#1 Mindful Mondays

‘just sit’

#2 Mindful Mondays

Hello everyone Today, Mindful Mondays is a simple question which will be followed by a denser blog post on the same topic: Whenever you catch yourself thinking – it doesn’t have to be only when you are sitting in meditation, you could be doing the dishes or hiking, taking a shower, etc. – ask yourself: … Continue reading “#2 Mindful Mondays”

Podcast #14 comment cultiver une vibration haute avec Mathilde

bonne écoute! Les highlights: Accepter les vibrations basses pour être dans une vibration haute > en créant un espace où on se sent en sécurité pour ressentir pleinement et exprimer ses émotions ‘basses’ (ex: colère, tristesse…) Se débarrasser des objets qui ne nous conviennent plus et au contraire s’entourer d’objets qui nous donnent le sourire … Continue reading “Podcast #14 comment cultiver une vibration haute avec Mathilde”

Podcast #15 comment cultiver une vibration haute avec Mélina

Les clés de Mélina: C’est normal de parfois se sentir à plat et il faut essayer de se déculpabiliser!  On écoute ce que notre corps a à nous dire et ce que notre cœur a à nous dire Nourrir ses 5 sens Apprendre à se connaitre  Se reconnecter à son enfant intérieur Faire une liste … Continue reading “Podcast #15 comment cultiver une vibration haute avec Mélina”

Podcast #16 Lina Bou

Lina Bou est Naturopathe & Chef Freelance Online et au Pays Basque Certains thèmes que l’on aborde: Créer de l’espace pour savoir ce dont on a besoin L’énergie féminine  La Nature Le chamanisme Le monde énergétique  L’intuition Où trouver Lina: Sur son site: https://www.roniaterra.com Sur Instagram: @roniaterra Sur son nouveau podcast: https://anchor.fm/roniaterra Et si vous … Continue reading “Podcast #16 Lina Bou”

How to make your life easier

How to make decisions

Goal setting minus the pressure

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? This might help!

Trusting more thanks to journaling

#17 Christine Furler

Christine Furler is a Transformational Coach and Aerial Teacher. She is currently living in Ubud, Bali. You can find her @christinefurler and christinefurler.com

How it all started:

It was during a rough year, I was teaching yoga but I was suffering from back pain since the Fall of 2017. I was going from osteopaths to cranio & massage therapists – I can recommend many BTW ;). So I started practicing less and less. Sometimes I was only able to do gentle movements lying down on my back. So a few months later, I was also starting to teach less and less. I was applying to ‘real jobs’ again – that I didn’t want – of course without success, cause you don’t attract what you don’t want! Lesson learnt!

So what was I doing with all that free time?! I was hanging out with my friends and people who inspire me, having the best conversations over the best coffee in town. You see where this is going?!

Later that year, in the Summer of 2018 I was working on the Theater Festival of Basel. My job was to look after a group of artists for the week. One day, at the airport, talking to an artist who had just flown from South Africa, I was thinking: ‘wow a performer from SA coming all the way here! His life must be amazing! He must be so happy!’. I automatically put myself lower than him because at that time of transition, I was having 5 jobs and projects going on at the same time and felt like a total failure. I was teaching yoga, I was working part-time for an insurance company, I was co-organizing a yoga festival in town (Dreiland Yoga), I was working for a small non-profit organization AND for the Theater Festival. So I was asking him all about his work, being totally fascinated! At some point, he asked me that question I used to hate because I didn’t know how to answer it in only a few words: ‘and YOU what do you do?’

And in that moment, I replied as honestly as I could: ‘I don’t know’. Cause I really didn’t know what all this chaos was going to turn into. And of course I then explained all the things I was doing, some for money and some for passion. Then something magical happened: he started to share about his struggles too and the conversation went to a whole other level, it became really deep and beautiful. It was exactly like the conversations I was having with my friends around coffee that creates this super high energy in me. I then realized and said: ‘I loooooooove talking to people and I wish this could be my job!’. To what he replied: ‘Oprah!’ And I was like: ‘what?!’. He then explained that I could interview people the way Oprah Winfrey does it! I was puzzled and didn’t really understand why he said that. But later that day, I went home and started to think about it again: ‘what could I do on my level: A TV SHOW? No. A podcast?! Maybe yeah! After all, I loved listening to podcasts and found them highly inspiring! So why not?!

A few weeks later, I met a friend who also wanted to start a Podcast so we teamed up for the first one that came out in January this year! Although we didn’t really know how to proceed, I had enjoyed the WHOLE PROCESS!

It was just like having coffee with a friend 😉

That’s how it all started: Elie’s coffee talks: promoting small businesses and entrepreneurs over the best coffee. Building bridges between people, ideas and communities. I truly believe in people having ideas and making them happen. I believe in high quality products, especially foods and drinks. I believe in knowing yourself and doing what’s good for yourself and I believe that knowing others helps to know oneself! 

Thank you Kieron for that great idea! I’ll always be grateful for you and this conversation that Summer 2018 at the airport!

If you’d like to support the Podcast, here might be a way to do so: gofundme.com

Thank you Danke Merci Namaste