Podcast #19 Patrick Rhein

Patrick comes originally from France and Switzerland. He has traveled the world and found a second home in Canada over 20 years ago. He considers himself citizen of the world though, with about 66 stamps on his passport!

He is a life coach, facilitator, keynote speaker and author!

His purpose is to help people go where they wanna go in life. He is fascinated by the Human nature and Nature.

On the podcast the main topic is RELATIONSHIPS. Patrick shares some of his tools like:

The Trust Circle 


The Love Circle 

The Trust Circle can be used at work or with friends and the Love Circle in romantic relationships. The idea is: when you have a fight with your partner or colleague and you want to make it better again, you can choose to call the love/trust circle where you discuss the topic using non-violent communication and by respecting the rules below. If the ego is there, there is no way to go forwards. If you are in the middle of an emotional hijack, wait 30 min before doing the love circle and breathe for example. You cannot enter angry and you need to recognize your intention before entering the love circle.

The Rules:

  • Honoring what the needs are and where they are at
  • Developing empathy and compassion
  • Being respectful, not blaming the other
  • Listening carefully
  • Being humble

As time goes by in a relationship, the wow-ness gets diluted but it’s our responsibility to renew the wow-ness every morning when you wake up you should be able to clean your eyes and see your partner with new eyes!

Always ask permission to talk about a specific thing.


If you would write a second book, what would the title be?

Peace Love and Harmony


His Gurus: 


Where you can find him:


Be Different BE You his book


The Gems: 

People usually retract because they’ve been hurt

It’s always about being recognized, seen, appreciated…

We are so conditioned by the system that we have to listen to what we really want

We always have the CHOICE to be happy or miserable

You gotta be able to turn down the ego-thermometer

Being able to say sorry is being humble

Everything can be changed

Be aware of what you need

We live in a world of reactivity. We are programmed to be reactive

Come from a place of LOVE








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