Podcast #8 Maria

Thank you Zum Kuss for the great coffee (Haenowitz&Page) and setting!

Maria Spin Instructor in Basel 

  • Her fav cafés in Basel: Consum
  • Her fav coffee: as a coffee lover, she likes her coffee black!

6 years ago, as she first tried spinning, she called it the ‘crazy workout’ & used to be afraid of it (I can totally relate). But then she gave it a second try at a gym in Basel. There, the whole set up and atmosphere was totally different and she fell in love with it. She took classes for 2 years and became an instructor after passing the training with the Allschwil Schwinn Organization.

Last year she also started to ride her bike outside. She loves to discover new places in Nature + rides to work. She loves cycling no matter where!

She would define spin classes as follow: you are in a dark room with loud music which makes you feel like you are clubbing during the day

Music is life: she spends hours creating her awesome playlists because: it gives you motivation.

When she was a kid, she used to dream about becoming a stylist. In my opinion she has a designer eye which shows in her everyday life and especially in her studio: no detail is left out!

Her focus right now is to build a strong Client Base & to combine with other styles like Tae Bo and Yoga. All the wellness related things.


WHAT is your fav thing to do on your time off?

Travel far away but also explore the surroundings, new places in Nature where she lives, discover nice cafes and restaurants to share with friends and fam.

On her spare time, she also visits elderly people and is a Red Cross member!

What would you do with more money?

Spend it on experiences (and off the podcast: give to charities!)

What does your self-care practice look like?

Running in Nature / Biking in Nature without any direction > her way to recharge and sometimes discover new places, always with music (her spinning playlists usually)!

What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship?

3 Ps

  • Power : you need the energy to be brave enough to start.
  • Practice: if you fail, just stand up and practice again! Learn and get support from other people
  • Patience: with it, everything will come your way


Tips for people wanting to start their own journey:

  • Surround yourself with other people who can support you: friends and fam that you trust already.
  • Take advice from people who went through a similar journey as yours, it will help you to be faster and wiser.
  • Take the time to identify your core values and your main goals.


If you could write a note to your younger-self :

Value yourself

because we are distracted a lot on a daily basis and it’s so easy to loose sight of the big picture, that’s why you have to focus on your talents and strengths and to love yourself and offer it to the world! If you value yourself then you’ll be successful!


If you would write a book about your life, what would the title be?

Value yourself and love yourself.

Whenever she feels scared to take the next step, she reminds herself: just love yourself and believe in yourself ❤


What is work for you?

Rumi: ‘Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart’.


When you turn your passion into work then you are happy!


Where can you find her:

IG: studio.cyclo

Website coming soon!



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