Podcast #11 Lorina Brugger

Recorded at the Rhine as it was one of the first Hot Summer Days in June! No coffee this time!

Lorina Brugger aka Kerngesund 

  • Her fav café in the Basel area: Delikaktus in Lörrach (vegan & zero waste)
  • Her fav coffee: vegan cappuccino

Lorina studied health promotion and was always interested in living healthy + she really enjoyed running.

When she was still a teenager, she noticed that after running 4 to 5 km, her knees started hurting so she went to the doctor. He prescribed special running shoes and a ton of accessories. But the pain didn’t go away and she didn’t like running with all those added things. So one day, at the age of 19, she asked Dr. Google and discovered Natural running. She has been pain free ever since.

She studied at the Barefoot Academy in Düsseldorf and became a barefoot coach. She loves helping people with their problems and loves to explain that old knowledge.

Today she mostly walks barefoot or wears barefoot shoes so that her feet can work as they should.

Now she offers one-on-one coaching for natural running or Toega. She also works a lot with kids and gives different kind of workshops.


What does a regular day for you look like?

She wakes up early between 6 and 8am / Tongue scratching / Does yoga for about 15 min and drinks a cup of ginger tea / Checks her schedule and prepares whatever she is about to do / She doesn’t really have a regular day but has lunch with her grandparents everyday!

She has a morning routine during the week but rests on Sunday. She likes to wake up before her BF does so she has time for herself.

What did you dream of doing as a kid?

She wanted to sell flowers for a long time and also wanted to work with animals.


Her near future projects:

Do more health coaching and spreading the Barefoot message even more. Sharing that being healthy is not that hard and will benefit you in tremendous ways.

She has a strong IG presence to share those messages plus does a lot of barefoot workshops. Lately she has done them mostly for families to share an easy way to strengthen the feet also for the kids.

How she pictures her life:

She wishes to have a little house and family and have a lot of free time with them

She wishes that she will never have to trade her time for money, meaning doing something she doesn’t like to make money.

She wants to live in a village close to nature but also not far from everything, just like where she lives now close to Basel.

What would be the first thing to do towards a healthier life?

  • Start walking around barefoot where you feel comfortable like on the grass.
  • Start feeling your feet again.
  • Try moving your toes separately.


A book that really inspired her:

Born to run by Christopher McDougall


What would you do with more time?

She would do more of slow-traveling to make the journey part of the trip.

She feels like she has enough time already.


What would you do with more money?

She would put more money towards climate change but she already:

  • Donates money for cleaning the ocean
  • Reduces plastic drastically > bathroom and kitchen are plastic free. She never has a to-go-cup in her hand
  • Eats vegan most of the time
  • Tries to take the train as much as she can


What are your fav things to do during your time-off?

Be with her BF, her family, reading, being in Nature and Movement!


Her self-care practice:

  • Yoga once a week in a class
  • Her morning routine
  • Preparing the week ahead on Sunday


Her tools against stress:

Breathes and tries to wear her happiness glasses (you can always choose if you want to wear your happy glasses or your unhappy ones > she tries to find the good in every situation).


What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship

Done is better than perfect. Just start. Be happy with what you have at the moment. Always learn more, be an expert in your field and others. When you start doing your thing, opportunities will come up. It just happens when you start trusting life/ the universe.


For people who don’t know exactly what they want to do in their life:

Remember what you really enjoyed as a kid and/or remember what people used to say about you. For example, many speakers heard the words: ‘shut up / be quiet’.

Write down: everything that bothers you in the world, in your everyday life. So you have a page full of problems and then you can write a page full of solutions and choose what kind of solution you want to work on.


If you could write a note to your younger self:

Fuck perfection!

When she was younger she always tried to make everyone happy and realized it wasn’t healthy.

Any tips for people wanting to start their own business?

If you have the idea it is important to have a good concept and you might work on that concept for a long time.

Just start. Build up a website for example. Take small steps.

What is work for you?


She loves work and sees it as as opportunity to create a world that’s slightly better.

Where can we find you online?

IG @lorina_krngsnd

Facebook Lorina Brugger

Her website kerngesund-loerrach.de 



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