Podcast #24 Melanie Kovacs

Melanie’s fav café is vicafé in Zürich, we got take away coffee there and headed to beautiful Minerva-Lounge to record.

Melanie is the founder of Master21 academy the first coding school in Switzerland! Their mission is to empower people to shape the digital world and to educate people who work with software developers to speak the same language.

She sold the company a few months ago and already has many ideas about what to do next, among other things she will start a podcast in July about Joyful learning!

She just graduated from the Thnk Program in Amsterdam and shares her experience at the beginning of the podcast. The program helped her understand who she was, how the others were and to stand up for herself.

She shares a few of the atypical exercises they did in Amsterdam and my fav is when she has to go on stage the first day when nobody knows her and has to do absolutely nothing and say absolutely nothing for 30 seconds, it’s called the 30 30 30 or leaders on stage. The following 30 seconds the person on stage speaks and the last 30 seconds the others speak. The first 30 seconds she was on stage, in order ‘not to freak out‘, she sent love to the audience, to every single person!

What an amazing example of: when spirituality meets business!

From there on we talk about:

  • Julia Cameron and her amazing Morning Pages and Shadow Careers
  •  Improv wisdom with Patricia Ryan Madson
  • The habit of writing with Steven Pressfield
  • Melanie’s writing routine
  • Inspiration vs routine
  • Self sabotage
  • What she wanted to do when she grows up when she was still a kid
  • Art as therapy
  • Her studies, first jobs and projects
  • Synchronicities
  • The steps to build a company
  • We wonder if work needs to be hard and that kind of became the thread of the conversation somehow (more podcasts coming up about the topic)
  • Daring to listen to what the heart wants and old limiting beliefs
  • Joyful learning
  • Choose your pain
  • When to be persistent and stick to something
  • What work is
  • Is the school system obsolete?
  • The myth of knowing what are you are gonna do when you grow up as a single thing forever


The Gems

For everything that you want to do in life you gotta make it a habit

If you are totally okay with the thing you put out there it means that you waited too long

There is a fine line between resistance and ‘what i’m not supposed to be doing’

There needs to be alignment between what your body and heart tell you and what your mind wants

Our whole life is a learning experience

Every business problem is a personal problem

You need to find your why on the one hand but also try out many different things to see what works for you and there is no one best way for all. Find your way to build a business.

You gotta choose your pain. I love the pain of entrepreneurship. Not everybody can handle the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial-roller-coaster

We end up preaching or teaching what we need the most or what we struggled with the most

What’s hard for you is what you are supposed to be doing.

Fear pushes us towards the right direction

No pain no growth

There needs to be obstacles so that our journey is meaningful

When we solve problems it makes us happy

The universe is here to help you once your intention is set

Discover who you are and embrace it


Where you can find her online : 

Her coding school : Master21 academy 

IG: @melakovacs

Twitter: @MelaKovacs

Cowriters app : @melakovacs 

Podcast link coming soon!


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