Podcast #9 Evelyne Vuilleumier

Thank you Hejkoh for letting us record from your beautiful mezzanine!

  • Her fav cafés in Basel: Flore & Frühling
  • Her fav coffee: Latte Macchiatos

Evelyne is a Psychotherapist and Yoga teacher. Combining practices of the East such as Yoga and Sophrology with her Psychology training and work, she now offers Spiritual Psychotherapy and guides people deeper, beyond the body-mind realms.

She gives talks, guides Meditations, Satsangs, Dance events, she hosts Workshops -such as Learning Love – & Retreats at the Mandali Retreat Center in Italy, in Orgiva in the South of Spain and in beautiful Switzerland.

She has a very athletic background: she used to compete in Snowboarding and started Yoga for the physical practice but got quickly interested in all the spiritual practices too.

Her newest project:

‘The Rise up from Burnout’ retreat which is a cooperation with the Mandali Retreat Center and SIHLMED Center of Integrative Medicine in Zürich. She wanted to offer something different for people. She wants them to see Burnout as a major wake up call instead of  a major failure, like something that’s coming through and they cannot hold it together anymore. She doesn’t want to treat them to make them fit again to go back to work but more as an enquiry so they question whatever is happening inside.


How is your everyday life?

Everyday looks different and she lives a very creative life.

An example: tea or coffee / practices yoga / teaches yoga / works on projects in the afternoon / has private sessions.

Everything is done from a place of relaxation! She is rarely stressed.

I just am.


What did you want to do as a kid?

She wanted to be a nurse > helping people

She remembers having early experiences of a sense of GOD inside. She would write ‘him’ letters and put them under a stone at the window.

She was guided but also got lost sometimes, not knowing where to go but in that, there were always traces of guidance.


When she doesn’t know what to do next:

She prays in a very simple way. It’s a gesture of surrender. Most of the time she feels totally connected and if some insecurities come: she sits and takes a moment to reconnect.

She gave her calling full priority and everything started to align.


What do you advice people who didn’t find their purpose yet:

Use contemplative methods like meditating every day: 10 min or 5 minutes. Listening inside and not the mind until you find the subtle voices from intuition and then you follow that.


What’s your meditation practice:

She started with Sophrology: different approaches (zen Tibetan Buddhism…).

Zen meditation against the wall or not.

Vipassana > how to deal with emotions without going into sports. Feel the emotion and let it pass.

She also uses meditation apps while traveling.


What would you do with more time?

She doesn’t think more time is needed, it’s almost like time doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s not work VS free time, it’s just flow.


What to do if you are not sure about a decision:

Imagine yourself about to enter you thumb and look back on your life and ask yourself if you’d regret taking or not taking a decision.

Ask important questions before you die: What is worth living for? What do I really want to do?


What would you do with more money?

She is not lacking of it and feels like not more is needed.

Her first thought when she heard the question was: ‘where could I donate?’

She would get a hut somewhere in nature to go meditate or have a center in Ticino for holistic medicine but it seems not needed right now.

Her life is full and cannot be fuller.


What kind of charities would you give more money to?

BEST ANSWER EVER: DRUMROLL > Elie’s Coffee Talks 😉

And the Tibetan people or Greenpeace or WWF…


If you could write a note to your younger self?

I love you


An advice to your younger self?

Just trust yourself


What is work for you?

In Switzerland: work is to really find your purpose and listen inside until you feel it and give everything to that. Live your purpose fully.


Some gems 

Make small jumps. Take Little steps.

Don’t get stuck in the illusion that you need things to be happy.

Embrace your fears but don’t let them rule you. They are passing phenomenons.

We need to fulfill our purpose and find our path of happiness.

Don’t believe what the mass tells you, if they go one way you have to run the other way.

The body is an entry door for people

 People nowadays need to learn how to relax


Where can we find you online?



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