Podcast #3 Jelena Joksic

A big thank you to Hejkoh who always has outstanding coffee & food and allowed us to record this Podcast!

Jelena Joksic

  • Her fav cafés in Basel: if she ‘has to’ sit down: Rosenkranz and Bocconcino. She usually has her coffee to-go though, so she can enjoy fresh air and sunlight. She likes Ferry Tales to be by the Rhein or Höheners Bioladen for their vegan nussgipfeli and its closeness to Schützenmattpark.
  • Her fav coffee: black or with oat/ cashew milk

Jelena, citizen of the world and fitness instructor in Basel teaches:

Jumping Fitness a trampoline power work out


Pound Fit a cardio strength work out inspired by drumming.

Her fitness journey started in the vibrant city of Barcelona a few years ago. At that time, she was working in a bank and started to realize that she was trying to fit into something she was not. Sitting all day long at the office was not for her. One day, while reading Ruediger Schache’s book ‘Das Geheimnis des Herzmagneten’ and more specifically, a passage from Charles Chaplin, she got an epiphany : music, dancing, movement, fitness, nutrition, that was it! That was what she liked and what she wanted to do. So she came back to Switzerland and started her Fitness Teacher Training course in Zürich. She later discovered Jumping Fitness and got hooked right away. She started teaching in Zürich but felt the urge to start it in Basel which she did and things started to flow from there. It doesn’t mean that people rushed through the door at the beginning but she was focusing on the people who came instead of focusing on those who didn’t. By keeping an uber-positive-mindset, with patience and passion, most of her classes are now fully booked.

Through teaching, her aim is to spread joy (sometimes on balkan beats 😉 She wants people to feel good!

Outside of her classes, she shares what works for her, right now, in the form of Instagram Challenges. They include : green smoothies, planks, gratitude practices and motivation! They are impossible to resist and are great tools to create healthy habits ! #greensmoothieandplankchallenge

She encourages her students and community to focus on the positive:

Focus on everything the body actually can do and less on the way it looks. Focus on how it feels. There is always something we can be grateful for. It’s about learning not to take everything for granted. It’s a practise but maybe one day you’ll fall more in love with yourself.

The main thing about loosing weight is about our programming: thinking you are not enough which will probably also show in other areas of your life.

We are visualizing all the time but not aware of it and often, we unfornatunately visualize the negative things.

Jelena practices what she preaches and starts her day with meditation – to focus her mind, gratitude practices and a green smoothie. She likes guided meditation with her fav teacher Dr. Joe Dispenza or sometimes visuzalizes what she’d like to attract. Listen to the Podcast to know more, it’s really interesting.

How she wants to live :

She wants to do something she loves /  Not work a lot so she can have a lot of time for herself and travel as much as she can

She believes that :  

Once you are clear about your why -> it manifests / Life has a much bigger plan for you / Life brings you to places that you would never imagine

Her self-care practises :

Nature/ Being by herself  / Meditating / Writing / Gratitude practice / Listening to Podcasts and Music / Reading / Dancing / Hanging-out with like-minded people / Dancing / Traveling

Her fav podcasts :

The School of Greatness,  Ed Mylett & Impact Theory because all of them started with nothing and are now really successful.

What success is for her :

A peaceful joyful life / Sharing positive things with other people and inspiring them / Being in peace with herself

What she would do with more money :

Give more /  Travel more / Donate to charities

Investing in yourself or investing in your business that’s a good way of spending money.

You don’t have to struggle to have money.

People who have money, have money because they think they are worthy (of the money). 

What she would do with more time :

Again travel more / Do more creative things

Her next projects :

  • Will spread awareness about the way we consume things. She will give all the benefits of this new product to charity. For this project, she is going to Serbia in the Spring but we won’t know more for now cause she prefers to keep the new/ big ideas to herself first
  • New fitness programs are on their way… stay tuned !

She is very much in the moment though and doesn’t make plans too far away in the future.

On her journey to entrepreneur she learned :

  • More than the whole time she was an employee
  • Mostly about herself and what she is capable of
  • How to run a business (with the help of other people)
  • How to deal with and communicate with people better
  • To be faithful and trust that it will all go well
  • To let go of something for a moment when it starts to feel like a struggle and to come back to it later.

Her tips for people who want to start their business :

  • If you have an idea : maybe that’s your purpose ?
  • When you visualize it : do you feel excitement ? If yes, that’s the sign to go for it !
  • Fear is normal and it’s ok not to know how to do it > take little steps and inform yourself.
  • It shouldn’t be about money because the money might not come at first and maybe not for a long time…
  • Smooth and easy = a sign to keep on doing it.
  • Learning by doing
  • Let things happen but always take action
  • Go for it !

2 words (or more) to your Younger-Self :

  • You are enough
  • You are worthy of love and everything your heart desires

 You can find her: 

on IG: inspired_by_jelena

on Youtube: Jelena Joksic

her clothing line


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