Podcast #20 Sarah Lachhab

Recorded at Hejkoh in the living room.

Sarah lives in Edinburgh where she is mainly a tour guide. She welcomes French tourists in Edinburgh or in the Highlands. She is also a blogger, podcaster, copywriter and writer. Back in the days, she studied Journalism in Grenoble and is originally from Alsace, France.


Her Scottish love story :

She had a 25 years old crisis and fell in love with Scotland. She decided to move there in 2015. She very quickly created a blog about Scotland in French.

She started to work in the hostel where she first stayed at The Baxter. She enjoyed engaging with tourists and performing ‘simple tasks’. She was writing lots of content on her website in the meantime. She quickly got more responsibilities at the hostel and learned a lot about owning a business. Since she doesn’t come from a business-owner-family and doesn’t know many people who are self-employed, her work and environment showed her it was possible and quite easy to work for yourself.

So she decided to stop working at the hostel about 1 year ago because she had her guide job and her copywriter contract, she felt pretty safe to take the leap! She has been fully freelance since!

In the Summer she speaks to people about Scotland and in the winter she writes about Scotland in French.

She also started a podcast with her friend Assa where they talk a lot about politics and Brexit: Ecosse Toujours

As a tour guide, she wants people to leave Scotland having seen and felt some authenticity!

She loves Scotland so much that even when she plans a holiday she forgets there are other countries!


What is a regular day?

In the Summer: she prepares the tour she’ll have during the day and then do the tours. She could be at a distillery on a Monday morning or at a Lake. It’s never the same!

In the Winter: she writes for a guide book editing company from a co-working space.

She tends to work all the time that’s why she doesn’t work from home.


Her future projects:

Creating a company with other guides

She will continue guiding people through the Scottish countryside and Edinburgh


What she does during her time-off: 

writes / travels / reads / goes to music festivals and the movies


Her creative process:

She feels it coming and sits down and writes even if she had other plans!


Where to find her online and her work: 

Website: French Kilt

Podcast: Ecosse toujours

IG: @french_kilt

Facebook: FrenchKilt

Ebook: Indian Summer in the Outer Hebrides

Treasure Hunt: Sous les pierres d’Edimbourg 


The Gems:

You don’t need to work 8 hours to be productive

We should value having free-time

Sometimes productivity is the enemy of creativity

To find new ideas you need to be bored

Leaving a trace that is true to us.



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