Podcast #23 Sabrina Krämer

Sorry for the baby noises!

Recorded at Günter Coffee Roasters in Freiburg-im-Breisgau

Sabrina Krämer

Sabrina comes originally from the Köln area in Germany. She moved to Bremen after her studies where she stayed for 8 years. And since last year, she lives in Freiburg-im- Breisgau.

She studied Visual Communication (Graphic and Editorial Design, Typography, Photography, Filming, etc.) and started working as a Designer, and later started to do Illustration work too. Recently she also became a Yoga teacher!

She used to work in a design agency and had the feeling she needed to express herself more, bring her ideas out of her brain, bring out her own things. That’s when she started a label and drawing on postcards in the evening. That was the beginning of her illustration career.  Later on, her first clients asked her to do illustration work!

Today she is fully self-employed, doing what she loves!


How her entrepreneurial path started:

She went to an entrepreneur evening where people were explaining how they were working for themselves and it made her want to work for herself too but she didn’t listen to the calling right away until her body made her!

She became sick very often and didn’t know what it was: sometimes she had backpain. Sometimes it was the flue. Sometimes she couldn’t get out of bed. And some days she was also very happy and was wondering what she had.

She loved her job but not so much the environment.

In 2014 she started with Meditation and then Yoga a few months later.

She read the book: Ich.bin.jetzt a translation of the Yoga Sutras and when she read it, she thought: Yoga is my medicine!

When she started meditation, she started being self-employed. She started working from home but then was looking for a co-working space to be with other people. She found one with other photographers, designers, writers… She also tried working in cafés but in those days that wasn’t working for her (now she can 😉 ).


Her work schedule:

She likes to plan for the week ahead but also stays flexible with her daily schedule. She sits in meditation in the morning and then works on the things that come up in meditation but also on the projects that require deadlines. When she doesn’t feel creative, she goes for a walk and then ideas come, when she is in Nature!

She needs to work on different projects at the same time in case she gets stucked in one she can work on another one.

She likes to draw for herself and also to sew and knit.


Where does creativity come from?

‘You combine things you have seen in your life. You collect many inputs’.

She works a lot with intuition and sometimes she cannot explain why she does something, it’s just a feeling in her belly.


How does intuition work?

‘Something you learn.

From the yogi side: it’s all inside

But the experience also influences what is there’.


Your self-care?

My morning routine of meditation and asanas practice. Yogic/ayurvedic cleansing (tongue scraping, oil pulling, netti pot), vegan food. She needs the cleansing of her brain in the morning otherwise the day gets confusing. She also needs a big walk in Nature everyday.

She likes to have inspiring meetings to share about ideas and projects as well as conversations with like-minded people. She needs a lot of silent time also to be creative.


Do you feel like you have enough time?


With more time ‘I would do a little bit more of everything like have a 48 hour day! Travel more, meditate more, walk more…

Maybe bring a bit more balance’

She is perfectly content with her life though.


What would you do with more money?

First donate for people and projects and then spend more money for  my own projects and create my own space where people can connect. An atelier with different kinds of workshops like design, yoga, women circles, book reading, etc.

Bringing people together.

I would be somewhere in Europe. Maybe close to Freiburg, in Nature but not far from the city.

And travel more, combine working and traveling. Buy a van and have my office in the van.


This is where we share our Vipassana experience because she was talking about India!

Sabrina wrote a Blogpost in German about it, read HERE


What is work for you?

‘You learn that work needs to be hard but it doesn’t have to be!!! And maybe it’s a little fight inside of yourself but it really doesn’t have to be hard and even when it’s fun to work on my projects it’s still work! I like to create something with my clients together.



What’s your why?

‘Making the world more beautiful. 

Share my experience to inspire other people.

And combining everything I do: design, illustration and yoga. Bring all things together and create new things.

When I started with the postcards it was to see a smile on people’s face and bring them joy.

I help companies to have a face, a visual form, so people can understand. I make the information more visible and experienceable.

For yoga : I bring people on the mat so they can have their own experience. Yoga helps on many levels: fitness but also self-development!’ 


Where can we find you online:


IG: sabrina.kraemer

Yoga card deck: dasyogaquartett.de


The Gems:

Being self-employed changed me as a person because I can work where and when I want  which is an opportunity and a struggle at the same time.

You have to allow yourself to work when you are productive and creative and not have pressure to sit at a table when you are not.

Nature releases the blocks in my head similarly to meditation and similarly to taking a shower, working with hands or doing the dishes.

Work is such a big part of your life it needs to be fun!



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