Podcast #10 Stefanie Blösch

Recorded from her place but we had coffee at Café Tante just before.

Stefanie Blösch aka Feel Good Life

Stefanie is a Yoga Teacher & Ayurveda / Lifestyle Coach. She teaches and gives workshops at Café Tante close to Badische Bahnhof and coaches on-&-off-line.

She just got back from a world trip when the podcast got recorded in June and was slowly finding her routine in Basel again.

What does a regular day for you looks like?

She wakes up around 6am or 7am / Meditates / Drinks hot water (with lemon essential oil) / Does oil pulling / Practices Yoga or some kind of movement like running or walking / Works on her projects / Tries to have her lunch break at the same time every day.

She is vegetarian and tries to eat more vegan. She gets most of her food from the Farmer’s Market and cooks most of it also. According to Ayurveda it’s better for your digestion to eat cooked food.

Listen to all the Ayurveda food & movement tips/ tricks according to doshas, it’s fascinating!

It’s not just about the food, it’s about the whole lifestyle!

The Ayurvedic schedule:

  • Kapha time: 6am-10am: slow but strong to do the work of the day that is the most important like admin work.
  • Pitta time: 10am-2pm more power: meetings, etc.
  • Vata: 2pm-6pm: creative work, planning something new or have conversations.
  • Kapha tim:e 6pm-10pm wind down & go to bed.
  • Pitta time 10pm-2am it’s harder to fall asleep or you might feel hungry again.


What people could do easily to be healthier & happier:

  • Cook simple food
  • Have a morning and/ or evening practice
  • Check in > how do you feel, what do you need, come back to your intuition and don’t necessarily follow all the IG trends 😉
  • Do something you like and that brings more awareness into your life.
  • Use your breath to alter your monkey-mind and nervous system.
  • Make your health a priority cause life gets easier if you are healthy!
  • Learn the tools before getting sick!
  • ‘Peace begins with you’ mantra with your fingers and breath (listen to the Podcast for details).
  • Meditate everyday or find your own tool.
  • Go step by step when you are changing your food habits and if you are curious about the pros & cons of coffee > check her coffee podcast episode


What did you want to do as a kid?

She wanted to be a school teacher > Help people become better people.

She also wanted to do something creative and go to Art School!

She started studying Education but switched for Communication and later Marketing and worked for an Online Marketing Agency.

She always wanted to work for herself but didn’t know what path to take.

Now, next to coaching, she gives Ayurveda & Yoga Workshops – Ayurvedic dinner included! About topics like: how can you find balance in your life?!


What is work for you?

Work is something you do to earn money but it doesn’t mean that it needs to be hard or not fun! If you don’t get money for it, it’s just a hobby but if you plan to build a business around your hobby, then it becomes work too.


What would you do with more time?

Plan wisely

If you don’t have enough time, it might be because you work a lot because you need a lot of material things.

Time is what you really need.

If you want more time, then you gotta be aware of the fact that you MIGHT have less money.

What would you do with more money?

There are a lot of things she likes to do like traveling.

She spends her money wisely: good quality food, eco-friendly clothes, etc.

She feels wealthy already!

Maybe to have her own studio or retreat center but she feels that she doesn’t need to own something.

She wants to work part-time in Basel and part-time in Bali or L.A./ Hawaii.


What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship?

  • It can be easy
  • You just have to start
  • It doesn’t need to be perfect

If you could write a note to your younger self in only 2 words?


What are your advices for people who want to start a project?

  • Speak to like-minded people and ask people for help.
  • Do something you feel comfortable with or that you have some experience in.
  • Do something that doesn’t cost a tone of money
  • D something that is easy for you.


Where you can find her online?


@feelgoodlife Facebook & IG & Youtube

In real life:

Monday, Wednesday & Workshops at Café Tante


One more Gem:

People are so stressed out in our society because they never get the relaxing part (= the savasana).




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