Podcast #4 Bianca Fritz

Thank you Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana for letting us do our thing !

Bianca Fritz

  • Her fav Café in Basel : Kaffeerösterei La Columbiana behind SBB in Gundeli
  • Her fav coffee there : coffee/hot chocolate with chilly

Bianca identifies as multi-hyphenate (someone who has several different jobs and projects and needs it !) More in the book : The Multi-Hyphen Method.

Indeed she works as a Social Media Coach/ Writer/ Yoga Teacher/ Editor/ &&&

Originally from Lake Constance (German side), she has been living in Switzerland on and off for 10 years. We met as she joined the Dreiland Yoga Team as THE Social Media Marketing expert!

Her days at her ‘regular’ job as an Online Editor for a magazine in Zürich are very structured but how does she schedule her days when she is working on her own projects?

She starts with an Ayurvedic morning routine: tongue scratching, oil pulling while walking the dog or writing her morning pages, some sun salutations, it really makes a difference if you move a little bit in the AM, porridge making and last but not least: JOURNALING. She writes to structure her day but also to process what happens in her life. She likes to write without putting the pen down and usually after 1 and a half page, something comes up. 

After writing down her intention for the day, she is then ready to start with coaching calls, yoga classes, workshop prepping, social media marketing and writing.

She is currently writing her next book, more below. She published one of her first short story in Fremdsein, a book project about the feeling of being a stranger. All the benefits went to charity. A project dear to her because she felt that people lost touch of their own humanity cause they were so afraid when the first refugees came to Germany a few years ago. She wanted to remind people that we are all strangers in different situations. She herself has had that feeling from time to time as she first got to Switzerland in 2008.

Whether she is at the office or at home, Sukhi, her dog, is a great excuse/ opportunity to get some fresh air throughout the day.


Your Self-Care practice :

sleeping, reading, traveling, being in the sun, yoga-ing, taking baths, writing, meditating (she likes to practice different kinds of meditations and uses the app Calm). Self-care for her means doing something by herself.

What is your fav thing to do?

Being in Nature, traveling, try different food > food traveler. Her fav country for food is  Vietnam cause it’s a combo of french and asian cuisine (asian dish in a baguette!)


What is work for you ?

Work is everything that’s not self-care and spending time with fam and friends.

You can’t expect it to be easy all the time but it’s also okay if it’s easy, it means you are in the flow.

What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship?

  • You don’t need the perfect idea to start otherwise you will never start
  • The idea will change anyway
  • It’s not failing it’s development
  • Just start and see where the journey takes you!
  • Don’t think you have to do it all alone > ask your friends or a coach for help
  • If you feel stuck, remember to ask something higher for the answer (while meditating, journaling or before you go to sleep). The answer will come whichever way.

Your near future projects :

  • Workshops for Yoga Teachers in Social Media Coaching.
  • Writing a book about Social Media Coaching for Yoga Teachers


How do you know when to let go of an idea/ project?

Forgetting is a pretty good sign that’s it’s not the right time but if the idea comes again then definitely go for it!

She is not a big procrastinator but when she does procrastinate : it’s either because of fear or because it’s not the right time. To know the difference she looks deeper into the fear and makes the difference between fears that are holding her back because of old belief patterns and fear that’s protecting her because it’s not the right time. She listens to her gut feeling and talks to people who help her find out, like her coach who might ask: What’s your why? What brings you money right now? What’s your priority?


What would you do with more money ?

She would have 2 homes : one in Basel : Gundeli/ Bruderholz cause Gundeli is super fun and well located + nature is really close. The other one would be somewhere in the South to escape the cold winter: Tenerife for example.

She would also give money to charity: a dog/ kangaroo shelter and refugee children.

What would you do with more time ?

Sleep, read, spend more time with the BF, travel more, do more yoga


3 words to your younger self:


How do you see your life 20 years from now ?

She wants to help people find their own voice to communicate and show themselves to make the good projects come out. It doesn’t matter in what area ‘it could even be politics’, but probably mainly working with women to help them be their authentic-self.


You can find her:

on IG @hashtagbiancafritz 

on Facebook @hashtagbiancafritz 

www biancafritz.com 



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