Podcast #12 Ramona & Julia

Thank you Zum Kuss for the great coffee (Haenowitz&Page) and setting as usual! Please be aware that it was a bit windy that day and the quality of the recording is not always at its best, sorry about that!

Julia & Ramona aka Solopreneurin 

  • Ramona enjoys an espresso or a cappuccino at Café Ccino (in the Summer) in Aarau
  • Julia prefers her coffee black from the Belvédère in Fribourg

Julia & Ramona met as they studied Psychology together at the University of Fribourg. They fell in love with the Japanese concept IKIGAI which translates as: making sense of living. It consists of 4 questions:

  • What are you great at?
  • What do you love?
  • What does the world need according to you?
  • What could you get paid for?

Using that Japanese tool, their knowledge & background, they help people find the balance between intuition and intellect and know what they truly want!

Discover Julia’s and Ramona’s personal Ikigai on the podcast it’s fascinating!

Whenever you feel uncomfortable in your current situation, you can ask yourself those 4 questions.


How is a regular day for them?

  • Ramona starts her day in the train calling Julia after having candlelight-breakfast with her BF. If they don’t call, she meditates or reads in the train. She spends the next 9-10 hours absorbed by her corporate work. In the evening, maybe she calls Julia again. Then she cooks with her BF and goes for a walk in the forest with him which grounds her again. She needs her greens. She finds her life quite balanced. She lives in her flow.
  • Julia starts her day on the phone with Ramona. She goes to spin class early in the morning. She likes to go for walks at the lake (she loves the water) or in the cute city of Fribourg. She just finished her Master Degree and will start working soon which she is very much looking forward to. 


What are your future projects?

Doing more workshops (for the peer group effect) and more events coming up in January…


What’s your ideal day?

  • Julia’s perfect day: it depends on the day but the perfect day is when I am free to decide what I do and sometimes it’s doing nothing (working inside of myself > we don’t have the courage to do that often enough!) but sometimes it’s a full fast day where everything goes very fast like at work. It involves water though, I need to see the water. My office will be by the river and I can see it from my desk. Water is part of my Ikigai.
  • Ramona’s perfect day: there is no perfect day but it would include lovely people, lovely discussions, green (on a golf course for example), wonderful sleep, yoga, nice food.


What would you do with more money?

  • Ramona: buy a house in Nature or spend time in Nature. Study and learn new things (60% studying and 60% working)
  • Julia: have a house close to a lake. Reduce work to study also, for example: systemic coaching


What would you do with more time?

They both feel like they have enough time but listen to Julia’s answer, it’s very special.


What is your fav thing during your time off?

  • Nature for Ramona
  • Nature/ Sports/ Deep Talks for Julia                

Listen to Ramona’s way to tune back in and Julia’s way to know her truth.


What tips would you give people who want to start their own business?

Just go for it!


What would you tell your younger self ?

  • Ramona: Have fun!
  • Julia: Chill out!


What is work for you?

  • Julia: A part of life.
  • Ramona: Work work work work work (Rihanna’s song) > it’s fun!


What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship?

Everybody have wonderful mindsets.


Where can we find you online?

Website: www solopreneurin.ch

IG: @solopreneurin

Find the article they wrote for the Daily Dose here


Some Gems:

I believe in life-balance but not in work-life-balance, because everything is part of life.

Life is not perfect but if it’s that bad, you can change it and if not, what could you do to see the bigger picture of your life?

Change the situation or change yourself.







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