Podcast #6 Rebecca Roberts

Thank you Hejkoh once again for letting us record from your cute mezzanine!

Rebecca Roberts

  • Her fav cafés in Basel: Frühling, Klara, Mitte 
  • Her fav coffee: Cappuccino or Rooibos / Earl Grey Tea

Rebecca used to be an interior architect. ‘By nature I’m a spacemaker. For much of my professional life I worked as an interior architect, specializing in creating spaces to support a thriving work environment’. Today she is a facilitator, coach and speaker. She helps people with their inner architecture. ‘We are our own Inner Architects, creating the space from which we experience this life’.


What does a regular day look like?

Like all the entrepreneur I have interviewed so far: ‘every day is different’!

She likes her mornings to be slow and would rather wake up early to have time before starting work. Her morning routine usually involves: gratitude, journaling, showering – is healing, movement > walking to the office or to a café to start working.


What did you want to do as a child?

She wanted to be a Marine Zoologist and travel around with Jacques Cousteau to study the ocean. Nowadays she loves snorkeling and being in the ocean and simply loves to explore in general.


How it all started:

She was interested in the way that spaces affect the way humans interact with one another. Already as a kid with her dad she was building wooden things. So she went on studying interior architecture. Later she started to get more interested in the ‘human element’ and started coaching.


What is home?

Rebecca comes from Louisiana, lived in Boston and landed in Basel almost a decade ago. This is her definition of Home: ‘it is not a place, it’s inner grounding, it’s a shared experience of oneself with the outside world. Therefore being homesick is a lack of connection to oneself’.


The drive behind the Agora Happiness Fest in Basel:

She loves facilitating community building, she loves to meet amazing people and the way they surprise her. She is deeply interested in imagining how to create a space where people can exchange. In Portuguese Agora means NOW, in ancient Greek it is a place for gathering, a central place.

Here you can see what the festival was about.

One of my fav workshop involved the Conversation Menu from Theodore Zeldin, learn more here. And watch his Ted Talk here.

‘We know ourselves through reflection’.


Her future projects:

Education for young adults and adults. Online and in person courses.


What is the future of work?

‘The future of work is learning’ Heather McGowan.


What would you do with more money?

She would invest into more learning, one of her fav topic at the moment: biomimicry and she’d give back more!


What would you do with more time?

She already has enough but she would like to learn how to use it even better.


Her Self-Care:

It’s whatever is needed in that moment.

Movement (walks clear up her mind, helps her synthesize thoughts).

Gratitude practice (on her phone with an app where she can add pictures so that every time she opens it, she can immediately see the happy moments).

Finding quiet spaces.

Meditation, Breathwork.

General self-care like taking time in the morning every day.


What did you learn on your journey to entrepreneurship?

  1. Trust / chill out.
  2. Communication (external + internal)
  3. Listen (people who have been there before)


2 words (or more) to your younger self?

Trust in who you are

Embrace the paradoxes


Tips for future entrepreneurs

Get really curious about your curiosities.

Entrepreneurship takes a lot of motivation and drive and constant energy (when that energy comes from your curiosities that motivation becomes easier).

Habit of ferocity, Steve Cutler.

Stay curious and follow your curiosities without thinking about the money.

Stick with it.

Listen & Trust.

Maybe there needs to be some little adjustements to be in alignment again so stay open also.


What is work for you?

She was trying to create work-life balance but actually loves when they merge together. She hates setting up the plan but once she does it she is pretty good in time management. Work is when it takes her some motivation and drive to get it done and then the play flows from it.


How does she coach ?

She empties herself out before a session and is then a vessel for whatever is gonna flow through. She tries not to have judgment. She starts to see mental images when people start to talk and they are good analogies. When she feels that what is being said doesn’t align with what is happening, a little voice in her says ‘mmh’. It also works on herself. It’s one her greatest gifts, she has always had.


You can find her: 

on IG: @bexx_inner.architecture.coach

on Facebook: @rebeccaroberts.innerarchitecture

on her Website: https://www.rebeccaroberts.com 


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