Podcast #5 Lacey Gurr

Aaaaaaand drum roll, here it is! The second episode with Lacey Gurr!

On this one, we talked about one of my favorite topic at the moment: MANIFESTATION & ABUNDANCE!

Here are a few gems from Lacey:

We are always manifesting because we are in co-creation. 

Fear, doubt & disbelief will repel anything from us!

Leave the HOW to the Universe 

Your free will is so powerful it will keep you in your suffering if you believe that’s what you need. 

Choose to take responsibility 

Accept, let go, change

The awesome podcast she refers to: Expanded by To Be Magnetic with Lacy Phillips as one of the hosts. I started listening to it myself and it is indeed full of manifestation wisdom!

Ready to unlock your abundance and manifestation power?

Work with Lacey! You can find her on her website, IG & Facebook.


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