Podcast #13 Cyrille Labesse

Thank you Tell your friends cafe for the great service, great food and great view !

Cyrille Labesse

  • His fav coffee: decaf almond milk latte or oat milk when homemade like at Tell your friends cafe 
  • His fav café of all times: Elm coffee roasters in Seattle 

Before you start listening: be aware of the wind, it got recorded outdoors again (because: Summer) and since i’m still very much a beginner in this podcast world, it’s a bit noisy! Sorry!

We experimented with another format today because I never got to ask my regular questions, which was awesome!

Cyrille used to be the typical web developer: San Fran, Vancouver, Berlin, Paris, were his homes until he left Germany in 2014 to travel the world and become a digital nomad. He has been moving every 2 months for the past 3 years but had a long time dream : pulling out socks out of a drawer! It took him another year to find a place where he actually wanted to settle down. He finally found it on Bowen Island, where he has been living for about a year now.

He was dreaming of being happy and as long as he wasn’t, he would keep on searching.

His spiritual path started in Berlin in the party and drug scene. MDMA had a positive effect and took him out of the bubble he was living in. His life started to change. I was not really living, looking back. Waking up one morning in Berlin – he had eaten very healthy, had sipped on good coffee – when he started working on his computer, all of a sudden, he was feeling a rush of despair and sadness. All he has been fighting against all those years, like his health issues, came up! In that moment, he realized he needed a big change. So he left the start-up in Berlin and went to Indo.

He then went back to Berlin but fell into his old habits again. So he left to Asia again and this time, discovered Vipassana meditation and later on the Festen/Charbonnier Method.

Today he feels better every single day! He knows exactly where he is going and why he is doing what he is doing and is helping people go through the same transformation process with his coaching work.


His top 3 tools:

  • Tool n° 1: to get more aware: Vipassana mediation (= S.N. goenka type of meditation to eradicate suffereing to help you observe reality cause we are constantly trying to avoid to see the truth, vipassana helps you observe objectively without reacting to things)
  • Tool n°2: practicing emotional intelligence. Recognizing emotions in your body and knowing what they mean as messages, which helps you develop empathy towards others but mostly take full responsibility for what arises within you.
  • Tool n°3: celebrate life


4 options when you feel something is off:

  • Acceptance
  • Change the situation
  • Quit
  • Complaining (aka the French option).



The best mindset is no mindset

We made it: being alive is an achievement in itself

We don’t celebrate life enough or in the right ways

Life doesn’t need to be hard. Facing the truth is hard but it will bring liberation

Emotional authority = wait for emotional clarity

Mum = love & Dad = security. But our parents fuck up, as they should, so we create lies when it’s not ‘true’ and create certain behaviors and patterns as adults.

The mind is only based on the past so it’s going to take decisions based on the safest option. Safety doesn’t bring growth though. The shift is: taking decisions with our bodies. For example the gut feeling for people who are sacral. Some people even need to wait a full moon cycle (28 days) before taking a correct decision. If you are curious about your kind of ‘inner authority’, his brother Cassien Labesse can read your Human Design chart.


Where to find Cyrille?


Episode 2 coming soon!




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