Podcast #2 Idit from Kobrini

Idit Kobrin

  • Her fav café in Basel: Café Von Lanthen – where the podcast has been recorded
  • Her fav coffee: Flat white lactose free

Idit’s work is all about story telling using the art of film. She promotes small businesses by making short documentaries, guided by authenticity and creativity.

The concept of this podcast is to record in our fav cafés over the best coffee. This one was a little experiment so what it means: it’s gonna be noisy! 😉 Work in progress, bear with us!

A big thank you to Café Von Lanthen who let us do the Podcast and for always welcoming us warmly!

A big thank you to Idit who edited the whole thing:

Idit comes from the Holy Land. She was born in Jerusalem, lived in Basel as a teenager, studied and worked in NYC & Tel Aviv and came back to Basel a decade ago for work.

Although she quickly adapted to the culture and weather, she didn’t quite enjoy the corporate culture as much. So in 2011, after 12 years of office work, she quit and went freelance.

At the beginning she was filming friends and things that inspired her.

One day she had a bicycle accident. It took her 8 months to recover fully. In this period of time, she met Romana and was as inspired as intrigued by her work. She somehow wanted to film her to help her promote her work and exactly there, appeared the concept of:

Filming short documentaries about people and their businesses.

Telling their story, explaining what they do, show their personality, in other words:

get to know them

It’s very easy for her to make people feel comfortable and forget about the camera! She loves meeting different people and learn about all those different businesses.

So far her clientele has been mostly women business owners (to give you an idea: Handlettering Teacher, Sports Teacher, Musicians, Horse Photographer, Poetry Goddess) and this year she’d like to promote all kinds of small business owners, including men.


Creativity has always been a part of her. Everybody is creative and has their own niche in being creative. Nature helps her feel creative and is part of her self-care practice. Walking clears her mind.

Top 3 fav things to do on her time off:

  • Reading
  • Nature bathing
  • Coffee drinking with friends

What she’d tell her younger self in only 2 words:

  • BE YOURSELF because there is no one like you, you are unique
  • TRY IT because you’ll never know otherwise. You can always go back where you were if it doesn’t work out.

Her tips for people wanting to go towards entrepreneurship:

  • Keep your job part-time, don’t quit everything like I did!
  • Try it first, see if it works.
  • Be disciplined, have a schedule of some sort.
  • Join a meet-up group: Basel Creatives for example 😉


Idit is now happily settled down in Basel. The constance of staying in one place for a long time is fulfilling. Through her work and being, she hopes to inspire people who have been through tough times and help people who are figuring out what they want to do, to try out something they really love.


We are all in this together


You can find her:

on Facebook @KobriniDocuStory

on IG @kobrinidocustory

on her website kobrini.com

on Meet-Up Basel Creatives



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