I know I know you already can’t hear it anymore! Marie Kondo and minimalism trends are everywhere! That’s all the hipsters talk about. And trust me I was not thinking about getting into it, I swear, but I randomly started on Christmas Eve and (spoiler alert) it is special!

As I was staying at my Mum’s where I still have a lot of my belongings, I started going through my clothes. There were a lot of things I still liked but felt like I had outgrown, like that surfer style. As I’m not living on any Coast anymore, I just look like an old teenager in them. So I happily donated most things without much emotion attached to the process which kinda surprised me TBH. I’m more the keeper type usually.

The same thing happened this weekend with books. As I stayed at my Mum’s again, I started going through the books that were still there because I was looking for 2 books in particular. Somehow as I was not finding them, I started getting rid of the oldest books, the ones I got for Christmas 24 years ago and never read or painfully attempted to but didn’t get past page 10. Those French Classics – yes I’m ashamed!

Once I had emptied the box with the old ones and made a pile with those I didn’t want anymore, I then opened another box with all the Surf books of my Studies in Australia in my early twenties and made a pile with those. Then I opened a cupboard and found all the Yoga books of my Teacher Trainings and also made a pile with these more recent ones. I was somehow getting rid of things chronologically although I had not planned to do so at all. In the meantime, I was posting about it in my Insta stories, mostly as jokes but a couple people PMed me, they were interested in some books, which I will send to them tomorrow. It makes me super happy to pass them along!

Just like with the clothes, I didn’t feel this clinging I would usually feel and didn’t ask myself either what if I need that one day?! Of course I felt nostalgia remembering those moments but it was more gratitude for having experienced all those things and I could now easily let go. Those chapters were over and I was happily living in the present moment!

In the process, I found photos, postcards & birthday cards from my friends, mostly from middle-school and high-school (when social media wasn’t a thing yet). It made me smile and again I was very grateful to have had such wonderful friendships throughout the years! In that moment I was completely fulfilled and still am as I write that!

A lot of gratitude came out of decluttering. Who would have thought?! Defo not me!

So are you going to try?

Even if you don’t get rid of anything and just go through your old belongings, it will be like time-traveling your own life! So worth it!

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