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Saturday 13th of October 16:30 > 17:45
@ Aktienmühle / Turbinenhaus
see DreilandYoga Festival page for more info
Bad Taste Yoga Party & Flohmi
September 15th
10 am – 11 am

Inspired by Bad Taste Parties, come flow wearing your worst outfit. Stylish yoga pants forbidden but whatever unfitting combo, it should still be comfy!

After the class you will be able to find Vintage things at the Flea-market, play Padel & enjoy Food, Drinks and Music!

Looking forward to see what you are going to wear!

Register here:

Price of the Yoga Class: 20 CHF

Description of the day by Carla auf deutsch:
Geile Klamotten daheim, die dir aber nicht mehr passen (weil #summer18)? Tolle Möbel, die du sattgesehen hast?
Bücher, ausgelesen, aber noch gut zwäg? Und sonst noch was Nippes und Kitsch, der ziemlich sicher Kohle reinbringt und jemand anderem Freude bereitet?Unser Motto: #reduceyourshit – Flohmi in der Padel Halle Basel
Dann buche noch heute deinen Stand bei uns!Ein Stand besteht aus einem Tisch, der 280 x 65cm misst und 20 CHF kostet. Natürlich könnt ihr auch zu zweit einen Stand buchen.Die Anmeldung ist verbindlich, die Standgebühr wird vor Ort bar eingezogen. Anmeldung bis 31.8.2018 über – 11 Uhr Aufbau der Stände
10 – 11 Uhr Yoga Session w/ The Journey of Elie
ab 11 Uhr Flohmarkt, Granolabar und Kaffee,
Essen, Bar und Grill (bereit für deinen Saftbraten),
DJ, Mukke und Disko


Yoga @ St-Johannspark 

June 8th, 15th, 22nd


My fav way to practice yoga! Feeling the grass under my feet, looking at the sky, listening to the birds in the trees and feeling the wind on my skin.

Join me at St-Johannspark on 3 Friday evenings. Switch your regular Happy Hour Routine for an Outdoor Yoga Class!

Meeting point: at the park where you’ll see a bunch of yoga mats and in case it rains we’ll meet across the bridge -Johanniterbrücke at the Looking Glass BaselFeldbergstrasse 1.





Yoga auf dem Rhystärn

Saturday June 16th @ 10:30 am

Location: on the new BPG Schiff docked at Schifflände for the day

Holiday feeling guaranteed while still in the heart of Basel.

Start your weekend with a soft flow on the deck of the newbie in the BPG family, the company that makes you discover dreiländereck differently.

Optional: wear a sailor top 😉



Yoga, Sound & Self-expression
@The Looking Glass Basel
June 1st
8 pm > 10 pm
Do you find it hard sometimes to express what you really feel and think? Do you say yes when your whole being says NO?!
We all go through these moments from time to time because, in my opinion, we often lack clarity and forget to listen to our inner world. It’s only once we know what’s happening inside that we can express ourselves into the macrocosm.
In this workshop, Jenni and I will guide you through a journey of sounds & chants while you will be journaling, melting in a yin pose or moving the body into shapes & space while using Doterra Essential Oils to help release blockages and enhance communication.
We will be focusing on Vishuddha, the throat chakra. This chakra is about the expression of yourself,  your truth, your purpose in life and creativity.
Diving into awareness of thoughts, breath, emotions, voice and body. Tuning in, observing the tricks of the mind and finding clarity to express YOUrself fully.


Pour les français:

Le Samedi 26 mai à 16h 

@ Yoga Origins 

Restorative Yoga + Huiles Essentielles relaxantes

Votre mission si vous l’acceptez: 1h30 de détente totale!


En pratiquant des postures de yin, aidé d’accessoires de yoga: coussins, couvertures et blocs (beaucoup d’accessoires) et en vous laissant porter par les senteurs d’huiles essentielles tel que la Lavande et l’Ylang Ylang.

Après votre séance dans votre pseudo cocon vous vous sentirez pousser des ailes.

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur ces ‘potions magiques’ vous pourrez rester après la pratique pour une courte séance d’information et de Questions/ Réponses.

Si vous souhaitez vous informer sur les huiles essentielles avant de venir: cliquer sur la page “Essential Oils”. 

16h00 > 17h30: Restorative Yoga

17h30 > 18h00: Q & R sur les Huiles Essentielles

Lieu: Yoga Origins à Morschwiller


Yoga&Gin Ophélie HD-5

Yoga & Gin

@Aktienmühle, Basel

May 1st Labor Day

5pm > 7pm or longer (details below)

Do you love Gin? Do you love Yoga or always wanted to try? Then keep on reading.
Whether you are coming back from your long weekend or didn’t leave the city and you are up for something unique: join us May 1st at the amazing Liquid Spirit Distillery for a Mindful Yoga Flow that will prepare your senses for the tasting of high quality Nginious Gin.
Optional, after the tasting, you can prolonge your evening at Turbinenhaus (right downstairs) and add some tonic to your favorite version.
We are so looking forward to sharing this special event with you!

5 > 6 pm: Mindful Yoga Flow @ Liquid Spirit Distillery
6 > 7 pm: Gin Tasting @ Liquid Spirit Distillery
7 > ‘you choose’ pm: Gin & Tonic @ Turbinenhaus

More about the brand and location(s):



Yin & Journaling

April 1st @The Looking Glass Basel

17:30 > 19:00

Because we often get the best ideas during a yoga class, you will have the opportunity to write them down as they pop up while practicing relaxing yin poses.

One part of the journaling practice will be setting intentions for the month of April and reflect back on March.

Bring your pens and diaries 🖋📒




Clear your body, mind & soul

10:30 > 13:00

Location: Meyo House Yoga Basel 



Yin & Oils Sunday Feb 25th

Co-hosted by Ophelie + Kristen

5:30 > 7pm: special class normal price*

7:15pm: Oil 101 stay for free or just come on in after Yin!

Let us take you on a magic carpet ride – aka yoga mat.

During this upgraded yin special you will experience a complete practice for all of the senses.

Au program:

Your regular Sunday Evening Yin practise becomes a total body reTreat.

Location: The Looking Glass Basel



YOGA & CHOCOLATE  February 1st

19:00 > 20:00 : Mindful flow

20:00 > 21:00 : Mindful consumption aka delish Choba Choba chocolate tasting

Location: Werkraum Warteck building 


yoga & brunch

A Yin Yang flow & delicious BRUNCH to end your week on a relaxed and tasty note at Turbinenhaus/ Aktienmühle in Klein-Hüningen, Basel.

December 3rd:

11am > 2pm



Yin Yoga to chillax followed by Coffee Tasting from the best: Haenowitz & Page (in Klein-Hüningen, Basel) and some Journaling to get clearer thoughts.

November 26th:

10 am > 1pm


October 25th

A gentle flow class followed by wine tasting at La Huninguoise in Huningue, France. The perfect mid-week unwinding.


September 1st

A vigorous vinyasa flow followed by wine tasting the perfect end of the week combo at Vinigma GmbH in Basel.


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