Podcast #22 Petra Buric

another Zoom podcast!

Petra is a certified PGI Consultant and Coach, she comes from Slovenia and has been living in Switzerland for many years now. With her work, she helps people find out what they really want, wish, what their visions are and even if they know already, by asking the right kind of questions and tapping into the emotional, she will guide them towards what they are really meant to do on this earth! She never dissociates professional and private life because they are connected and 1 unity as we are holistic beings. A big part of her work is to help people shifting their money paradigms and create new ones so that they can feel abundant and live the life they desire. So that’s the main topic on this podcast: MONEY and the relationship people have with money as well as little tricks and simple tools you can start using right away!

She explains:

A lot of people are not comfortable talking about money especially those who don’t have it. Wealthy people have no problem talking about it.

So first you have to feel comfortable with money (looking at your bank account, your financial situation…) and then you will attract money. As an entrepreneur, ask yourself, is it challenging for you to set a price for your services, to do invoices, etc. ? Notice what your body does when you check the balance on your bank account. Is the body contracting or expanding? For a lot of us it is contracting because of limiting beliefs and old ways of thinking and patterns. So what can we do about it?!

  1. Check your wallet now, throw out all the receipts because they are only confirmations of the money that went away. Replace the receipts with notes that will stay in your wallet, you won’t spend them! It’s a way to feel abundant + we are loosing touch with cash because we always use credit cards so it’s a good way to get back in touch with paper and metal. Petra’s way: on the notes she wrote that she is grateful for the money that flows to her continuously and in increasing quantities. In her wallet she has 4 types of currencies that stay in there: CAN US CH & EUROS. She recommends starting small and increasing the amount step by step. That trick helped her shift her beliefs.
  2. Visualize yourself with a lot of cash like bathing in cash if that speaks to you. Usually people visualize with a picture but Petra starts with the feeling, the emotion. How does it feel when I am wealthy? What do I want to do with this money? Our mind thinks in pictures and if you don’t know how it looks like, you can always do the research. Petra uses a vision board because it helps her to remember what her purpose is and what puts her soul on fire! She also has a vision board for her achievements and she recommends: don’t forget to celebrate! We are always in action mode but we also need to relax and acknowledge what we have done so far.
  3. Try the 30-day-challenge: each day represents 1 month. So the first day you earn 1000 CHF the 2nd day: 2000CHF the 3rd day: 40000 and so on. The amount doubles every single day. Every single day ask yourself: how can I spend this budget? The first and maybe second day goes towards basic needs like rent and food but then you will start seeing patterns of what you like and what you would spend it on. You will be practicing new thoughts of abundance and wealth and you will start believing that it is possible and it will start manifesting!
  4. Affirmations: we affirm all the time, whether we are aware of it or not! You need to be specific in what you are asking (listen to her own example). Every single day she writes down her affirmations but some people do their affirmations in front of the mirror or you can also record yourself and listen to it in a loop. You can even start with gratitude sentences and then go into affirmations.

As a side note: sometimes we don’t know what we really want because we don’t take the time to discover what we really really want and we are influenced so much by the outside, we are so conditioned, there is always someone telling us what we should do! So start allowing those wishes to come up!

Also ask yourself: if money was a person what would be the relationship with this person? > Love/hate?! > it’s complicated?! ….


Her definition of work:

Work gives her energy!

Work is watching a rose bloom!


Her self-care practice:

If i’m not able to take care of myself, I won’t be able to give the the high quality services to my clients.

She likes to take particular care of her skin, gets regular massages and goes to the hairdresser. During those appointments she turns her phone off and do not speak to the person who is taking care of her.

In general, she gives a lot so those are the moments she receives.

She also has a daily routine of mental hygiene to take care of her mind and emotions.

She renews herself from the inside-out!

And she doesn’t try to save money on those things because they express her self-worth. And if she is worth it then her clients are also worth of her energy and time. If she would try to get better/discounted prices, she would also attract clients that would try to lower her prices!


What she learned on her journey to entrepreneurship:

Follow your intuition!

Your subconscious mind is like a goal seeking organism, you gotta trust it just like your phone navigation system, it will always get you there!

Start looking for the signs!

Petra is originally a translator so she works with words and get messages through words: on billboards, t-shirts, facebook and it directly answers her questions. Or she hears people talking and that too answers her question.

But, she warns, you gotta be able to make the difference between intuition and the paradigm that has been ruling you your whole life! And for that you need guidance like a coach!


Where you can find her online:

IG: @petra_buric

Website: Empowered Life 360 

Or come to the Money Mindset Workshop on March 14th and find out how to have a healthy relationship with money!


Your subconscious mind understands only the emotional language

Money comes where it is invited and stays where it is welcomed

Money magnifies what you already are

We become what we think about

Nature doesn’t like emptiness so it will fill those empty spaces

We affirm all the time, whether we are aware of it or not






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