Timing and other things

I often say things like ‘I wish I would have started that [blank] earlier’, usually when I finally decide to do that thing I’ve been thinking about doing for a while but wasn’t sure whether or not to do it.

Let me explain.

I’ve been thinking of doing a specific training for a while now, but wasn’t sure about it because of different factors: length of the course, financial investment, time investment, level of difficulty, language. I would think about it like an obsession for a while and then forget about it again and think of a thousand other directions my professional life could take and all those other things and courses I could pursue also/instead. 

Some of us know right away what decision to make and some of us need TIME. A lot of time sometimes. Which one are you?

Sometimes it takes me years to make a decision and I was always like that. It took me years to do my first yoga teacher training. It took me years to register for my coaching course. So it’s just normal that it’s taking me years to register for this next life-changing-course.

What I realized this morning is that it’s all a process and the timing is always right. I truly believe that you cannot force yourself to start something if it’s ‘too early’ in your own development process. Something needs to be aligned first somehow.

So if I had something to tell my (younger) self today (and over and over again) it’d be: relax and trust the process!

To whom ever needed to hear that today!


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