2020 & 2021, the years we learnt spontaneity

photo credit @sea_silke on IG

For over a year now, we have not been able to practice our favorite 21st century hobby: 


We didn’t know what was awaiting, we are still not entirely sure. 

But Summer is here to give us a window of opportunities to practice again! 

What a relief! 

Here I come Booking.com, Airbnb and Easy Jet (sidenote: not sponsored whatsoever!), scrolling through your multiple deals to – finally – book that long awaited holiday!  

Blessed we are as we use i Cal to add the dates on to our calendar that looks full(filled) again! 

That is not how the post initially started but I let it be as I’m learning the art of spontaneity. 

I got inspired to write this as I was lying in bed too excited to fall asleep because I finally knew where we were going to spend our Summer holidays, one month before departure! 

Timewise it could have been tighter, of course, but most things were already booked out as people had great hopes way earlier than me! 

I too had big dreams! The big plan was to travel West and fly to the Land of Sitka spruces, mermaid lattes and maple syrup! 

I too got upset when I realized (back in the cold winter months) that it was not going to happen! Everything but not my holiday plans please! 

But then I accepted and let go. If we could go it was amazing and if not, well that would be okay as well. 

I had even prepared myself for the worst-case scenario: going hiking in the Alps, although I hate hiking and for me holiday doesn’t rime with technical equipment unless it’s a wetsuit. 

My point is coming, bear with me here as I’m trying to find sleep. 

So as I had prepared myself for the worst, – my Swiss friends reading this will hate me – and oh yeah very important, I almost forgot: in addition to letting go of plan A) : I asked the Universe to help me find a holiday destination with ease that fulfills all my wants and needs. 

Earlier today, I visited a well-traveled friend and asked her for travel ideas as I knew that when it comes to food and vibe we are pretty much on the same page.

And suddenly the perfect spot appeared combining everything I’ve been searching for! 

So finally, if you are still reading, here is my point: 

When we keep doors open to opportunity, they will come! We don’t have to decide nor know everything right away. If you are a control freak with high expectations (like me) it’s hard, I know, I hear you!  But we can learn to lean back and trust that it’s all going to work out whatever the area of our life. 

Starting with something light and fun like holidays might be easier than starting with something more serious like CAREER for example. 

If we deliberately don’t jam pack our schedules, it gives us space to first of all: feel more relaxed and not have to rush to the next appointment (which is already awesome) and second of all: for spontaneity, like bumping into a friend and actually having the time to stop and chat, like back in the days, remember?

I’d like to make it my Summer intention: schedule as little as possible and let myself be surprised!

I know I know, I can already hear you say: but we can finally plan a tone of things now, things are reopening and happening again!!! 

Yes it’s not about planning nothing at all but it’s about allowing gaps here and there for the magic to operate, the spontaneity magic where we let ourselves be positively surprised!

How about starting with a No-Plan-Sunday for example?

If you have any questions please reach out!

Happy Summer everyone!


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