FOMO and more

This morning, there was an empty space on my phone, where the WhatsApp App has been residing. I felt my heart tighten. Did I take the right decision last night when I deleted it for good?! All those links and pictures, gone for ever! FOMO creeped up, the fear of missing out on information and opportunity, the fear of loosing those precious connections with people. I know it’s not as if I gave up on my phone all together, this was just ONE way of communicating but still, it was all this lost information of the past and already of the future that I was – I didn’t even know what I was – scared of loosing or sad about? Or something else?! It was so easy to communicate with people, they were right there, at fingertip reach, now my brain had to make an extra effort to remember to connect!

I also asked myself: was it really necessary in the end, to make that move? Is it really better somewhere else? And if I follow the logic that made me delete that app, then I can remove other apps as well?!

I was now more than ever on IG cause that was my new easy way of sharing the important stuff – which also made me more distracted than ever and I could very much notice in my morning meditation!

Would I delete it though?! NOOOO WAY! Not ready for that! I’m too attached to the online visual identity I’ve built over the years!

In my opinion, there is definitely also FOMO that comes with not being on that particular app, but maybe even more so, the fear of being bored, of being alone with oneself and maybe of not being able to prove that we too did something today, that we too exist!

But in the midst of all that, when I am on it, I find a lot of inspiration, useful information, beauty, humor and connection with people from all over the world. Even the ads are sometimes gems! #notajoke

At lunch I shared those thoughts with my partner and was surprised to hear his side of the coin as he bravely deleted WhatsApp already a couple weeks ago. He had opposite feelings, he felt more free afterwards, he didn’t need all this information and connection and found his inspiration some place else.

So what to do?! I think I’ll experiment with deleting it from my phone and see if I can go to the toilet without! Also I’ll remind myself that everything is not black & white and that I shall not FOMO, nor fear doing nothing.

Happy Monday!


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