Manifesting & öko Fashion

Warning: new age content!

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with manifesting/ visualizing. As it has been working pretty well, I decided to do it with a piece of clothing that I wanted. A scarf from Hejkoh one of my fav shop in Basel. I try to support them as best I can. Not only do they have good coffee with the alternative milk we all like but I also get inspired every time I go there, especially when sitting down to enjoy a cappuccino, being surrounded by so many fair & beautiful objects.

But back to the topic: Manifestating.

So this scarf was – well there were 2 I fancied, one orange one and one mustard yellow. I thought: I will wait a bit, maybe they will be on sale in January and / or I will tell the Universe I would like a scarf just like one of these but for cheaper or for free!

Then comes Christmas with my partner’s fam (yes we celebrated Christmas normally, everybody is doing well). As it’s time to exchange gifts, his Mum gives me hers and shares that she has a new hobby and is loving it but that she is still a beginner and that it’s not perfect. Can you already guess what it is?! As I open it, I discover: A SCARF! A knitted one. My entitled self immediately thinks: a scarf that is NOTHING like the ones from Hejko though! This one is turquoise (with a tiny bit of yellow in it), I never wear this color! I wanted Mustard Yellow or Orange! Very funny Universe! Thanks but no thanks! And then I had to laugh so hard and it still makes me smile as I’m writing.

So when I came back from the holidays, I went to THE shop and got the very last mustard yellow scarf. It was not on sale but YOLO (although I don’t believe that you do). I thought to myself: sometimes you gotta take care of things yourself.

Yesterday that thought got confirmed as I read my very last wish I wrote for Rauhnächte or Twelfth Night. A quick description of what I did during that mystical time, following Bianca’s guidelines: I wrote 13 wishes on 13 different pieces of paper on Christmas Eve. Then burnt 1 wish every day from Dec. 25th until January 5th. 12 wishes burnt in total that the Universe takes care of and make happen during the year. At the end, one wish remains, this one you gotta take care of yourself. The german link explains the ritual and the english one, the history. If you want to know more I invite you to do your own research. What stuck with me is that the veil between worlds is thinner than usual which makes it a magical time. Anyway the 13th wish was: I have beautiful, high quality and fair clothes.

Again I had to laugh!

So what I think I understood from that story: manifesting works well when you are open to have something you want but have no idea how it will look like or where it will come from. If you know exactly, precisely what you want, you better get/do it yourself! Plus, putting it in the hands of the Universe and still thinking: or I wait for sales, maybe already meant: okay so I will trust that it happens OR I will do it myself. Set for failure! I think for better results, one shall trust fully. But I might be wrong! Still a newbie!

Would be awesome to hear your manifesting stories!

Happy New Year everyone!

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