Slow living in Gottlieben

It all started with the need to make coffice last a little longer.

What is coffice? All credits to Bianca here for finding this perfect wordplay illustrating what we used to do on a weekly basis the Summer of 2019. A combo of Coffee and Office, in (preferably hipster) Cafés of Basel to work and talk about our business struggles and life.

It was my most inspiring meet up of the week and it was always too short!

So this year, we were going to spend a whole weekend together to have ALL the time in the world to catch up on EVERYTHING that has been happening! And work of course.

But where were we going to go? France? Germany? Switzerland? Nature or City? Forest or Lake? Both? We started sharing a few links in our WhatsApp group but nothing was really IT!

Until one day, as I was scrolling through the Gram, I stumbled upon THE GEM! It was the new place Carla had just opened in Gottlieben, a tiny town on the Lake of Constance, Swiss side in Thurgau.

Carla is the founder of Localholic, a company offering tours to show the work of local businesses. You can find all local-heroes here.

The company was born in Basel and expanded throughout Switzerland. The headquarters are now on the shores of the Lake of Constance where she recently opened an Oasis: a Café (with Kaffemacher coffee from Basel) called Dein Lieblingscafé - always full cause it’s so good, a Stand-Up-Paddleboard / Kayak rental – for the Uncle Berry Fin in all of us, a very cute bed & breakfast and last but not least: a co-working space where workshops will start taking place in the Fall. The local tours are of course happening there too and creativity is not lacking in this area!

Apparently it’s a common thing for artists to come to Gottlieben. Across the street, there is the Bodmanhaus a house for Literature and just underneath it, a Bookbinding Atelier Handbuchbinderei Merten Inspiration is in the air, Bianca can feel it too, typing away on her laptop! At this pace, her book will come out before the due date!

The whole town makes me want to take pictures all the time (as well as Carla’s paradise, but I’ll come back to that later). All the shapes, colors, the flowers, the architecture, the cobble stones streets, the water, the boats slowly passing by, everything here blends perfectly together, just like the Affogato I had as we got here yesterday! The perfect place on my slow living / follow your bliss journey it seems.

We stand-up-paddled to the local buvette and took a boat ride to get pizzas both in the sunset (and the dark on the way back!) When Carla says: Erlebnis-Tour, be prepared for anything! Especially to have the most fun you’ve had in a while!

A few words about the Oasis now: everywhere I look inspires me, every corner, every vase, every magazine and cup is gourmet food for my soul! Carla has taste and good taste that’s for sure! But it’s not only that, as Bianca told her this morning: 'we can feel how much love you put into this place!' A good-vibe-place, that's what Carla built! You just want to spend time here, have 1000 coffees, chill and create whatever!

Thank you ladies for the amazing weekend I’ll be back for more bliss!

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