Warm moist air, french spoken everywhere, bakeries, Créole cuisine, exotic fruits, turquoise water, friendly people, it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the Island!

Although I must admit, it wasn’t love at first sight cause it sometimes takes a few days (sometimes even months) to get used to a new place, even in paradise. But then you can’t picture yourself elsewhere anymore. You are in the moment, nothing else matters. And it’s usually when it’s time to leave that you want to stay (forever). That’s how human beings work, paradoxal beings. Or is it just me?! 😉 Then when you do go back to this place you call HOME, with every journey you took, you bring something back with you or leave something behind.

But back to Martinique! We stayed in the South in Trois-Îlets at La Pointe du Bout and mostly visited white sandy beaches and restaurants in that area. We also visited briefly St-Pierre, Le Carbet and Fort de France which I recommend visiting from the ocean side, on a sailing tour. If you stay in the South, many agencies offer day tours to see dolphins and visit those 2 or 3 towns. A ferry also departs to Fort de France from La Pointe du Bout every hour or so.

We stayed only for a week which is a bit short if you want to explore all the beaches, hiking trails, sailing tours, etc. and still have time to chillax a bit/ a lot. I would highly recommend 2 weeks or a year!

Here are a few beaches worth a swim but first and foremost a few restaurants worth a meal (because FOOD!):





Le bistrot d’en face IMG_20190516_103647

Restaurant Le Pitaya in the Hotel La Pagerie (only evening)


Le Kano for it’s amazing view and original cuisine


La Suite Villa also for the view and Haute CuisineIMG_20190516_130126

The pottery village:

Located at Trois-Îlets, at the end of a dusty road, you will find an Oasis of good food, artsy shops and more! We took a pottery class and ate lunch there a couple times. Here are a few gems La Mandoline, Le Jardin des Saveurs and O’Coup d’Coeur for a tea & pastry.


And beautiful Beaches:

L’Anse Dufour for the Turtles ❤IMG_20190516_082403


La pointe du bout for its little covesIMG_20190512_101419



Les Anses d’Arlet for its sub-marine life and cute villageIMG-20190517-WA0016



Our Food Bible during the trippage_1_thumb_large




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