Basel Top 5 Cafés

Café Vonlanthen 

Café von Lanthem is my absolute fav for 3 reasons:

1. it’s overlooking the Rhein,

2. they have Oat milk that blends so perfectly with their homemade coffee &

3. their gluten-free chocolate cake is out of this world



Café Bar Rosenkranz

Cute vintage decor, quiet terrace, great food AND if you are lucky: amazing oldies music ❤

Latte Freddo is my Summer pick:

IMG_3662Café Bar Rosenkranz 


Ferry Tales

Can we applaud the wordplay?! Ferry Tales is really cool if you are running errands in the city center and fancy a coffee to go. You cannot really sit there but if you take a 30 second-walk, you will be able to enjoy a nice view of the Rhine from the Garten der Alten Universität, while sipping your Haenowitz & Page Cappuccino.

The + side : they have happy hours between 8am and 10 am and 4pm and 6pm.


Café frühling 



Café frühling in Klein Basel aka the hipster corner as I like to call it. A great place to work on your computer like everybody else. The coffee is great and it is around the corner of all the cool Feldbergstrasse places including The Looking Glass Basel.  


Kaffee-Mobil belongs to the Unternehemen Mitte family and is located at Marktplatz or am Rhy close to Wettsteinbrücke. Great coffee and cute settings.


Damatti Café Bar

A recent discovery. I enjoyed the quiet terrace, the healthy food from and again the great latte freddo. Plus, indoors the decor is pretty cool. 


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