Are you in Robot mode?

IMG_3505.JPGHow do you start your day?

Morning routine #1

Waking up wishing you had one more hour in bed (at least) > Making your way to the bathroom and while looking in the mirror thinking you probably should have spent less time on IG the night before and/ or drunk less wine > Rushing out the door without having had breakfast > Wondering why time goes faster in the morning > Crossing your fingers for green lights because you will get to work right on time or probably a few minutes late as usual.


Morning routine #2

Woken up by sunlight > Making your hot lemon water > Taking time to read, write and/or move > Cooking your savory breakfast packed with greens and proteins > Starting to work from home or going to work without rushing.

Most of us have experienced scenario #1 at some point and let’s be honest it’s exhausting. If you don’t know any better it feels normal but as soon as you lived #2 for an extended period of time, you won’t be able to do #1 anymore. When I find myself in ‘rushed mode’ for a few days, it usually takes me the same number of days to find my energy back. The more I do, the more I will have to not do plus do things that feed my soul and only THEN creativity will come back and realizations will pop up. Never underestimate the power of time-off!

We live in a very fast-paced environment where it’s ‘cool’ to be busy, it’s cool to work long hours, party hard and sleep very little. But all those things makes us less and less human I find. More stiff in the head and the body. Totally disconnected from our environment and ourselves Running from one place to the next. Phone in one hand, something to drink or eat in the other. But what if the ‘go slow mode’ was the new black? What if less was more?! It doesn’t mean doing nothing and being lazy but maybe being more efficient by focusing on what matters the most. Stopping the multitasking and getting clear on priorities.

All around me though, I’m noticing people launching themselves into new career paths and lifestyles that are more in tune with who they are, forgetting what’s been expected from them their whole life, forgetting what society expects from them, and just going for it. One of my favorite example is a dear friend of mine who became an amazing painter because she took time-off to just be, because she went for it. She is such an inspiration for me. Yes Anne-So it’s you 😉

I think the hardest part is to actually start and let go of the fear of what might happen if we fail – even though there is no such thing. We all have hidden talents. Let’s take time to find it/them! Let’s experiment without getting attached to the results!

It can feel totally awkward to start something new if we are too much in our mind and not enough in the feeling body. We might even wonder why we are there (me at crossfit every single time haha) but if we stick to it >>> magic will happen, we’ll learn so much,  we’ll find new talents, new ideas, more creativity & more freedom.

The uncomfortable will become enjoyable and the comfort zone will expand to farther edges.

My advices for this Month:

  • go for this girlfriend date and don’t think you are wasting your time because chances are: a lot of genius ideas will come out of the conversation
  • take time for a bath or a massage without feeling guilty
  • start a music, dance, yoga, any class
  • do one thing that feels uncomfortable (maybe the above dot)
  • notice the way you feel emotionally and physically when you work and compare it to when you have time off and do the things you love
  • ask yourself if you are living the kind of life you want

And remember:

Energy flows where attention goes

Your thoughts create your reality

No dream is big enough, trust and believe

Less is more

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