2017 the year of change

NOT what I wanted to talk about in my second blog post, like AT ALL. In fact I had written it already way back in October and it went more like: ‘The first steps of making a dream happen’. It might come out later on, who knows. I kept postponing posting because something didn’t feel quite right, until I wrote what follows.

It all started with those posts you see on instagram:

‘Do the thing that scares you the most’

It took me a while to understand what it was for me. I wish it would have been: dropping everything and hoping on a plane to travel around the world but unfortunately it isn’t.

In fact my fears are quite the opposite: settling down, taking responsibilities, committing, making a decision, putting myself out there…

Traveling is what I’ve been doing for the past 10 years, coming ‘home’ to work and make enough money to leave again. Not worrying too much about what I was doing as long as I could save enough to be away for a few months again. Now reflecting back, I feel like my twenties are/were for exploring, about the WHERE and my thirties are going to be more about the WHAT & WHY.


For years it was all about: Wanderlust (and still is just a little bit) and having fun!

Settling down was a concept from another planet. The result/ the way: a nomadic life,  which became outdated for me this year. Constantly changing everything can be exhausting as much as it is exciting. But nobody talks about that on Instagram!

I have been debating on going vs staying the whole Winter and finally opted for the latter one. For me this year is about getting my own nest (for the peace of mind I get from grounding down) and creating my own business (for fulfilment reasons) doing the things I love which involve healthy food, yoga, self-care and more. It’s really about creating a life where Monday is not the worst day of the week.

I saw myself going this way for a long time but only saw it happening in a far far away future. Sometimes we know exactly what we should be doing but we postpone it because either A) we have no clue how we are supposed to make it happen or B) we are too scared or C) both. So we find excuses or other things we (think we truly) want to do and get sidetracked…

This year is encouraging us to achieve those projects we have been vaguely thinking of. I see it all around me: pregnant girlfriends, people moving, new perspective on things, trying out new hobbies and finding new passions, creating businesses, etc…

If you are still struggling with decision making, meditate on it, the answer might not come right away but it will come at the right time. Deep inside, we know what really matters, but the mind has the tendency to trick us and we get overwhelmed with the Xillion opportunities and possibilities we have.

Listen to your body for signs, does it feel contracting or expanding when you think about a new project? It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to get there, just visualize it in details and it will come to life!

Things change

Dreams change

We evolve

We get older

Maybe wiser

What are your biggest fears?

What are your intentions for 2017?

What are YOUR WHAT & WHY?

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